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The Perks of Bankera Affiliate Program

Customer satisfaction is a crucial part of any company’s success. Satisfied clients are more likely to use the services offered, as well as recommend them for their friends or business partners. To make the process of recommending Bankera’s services more user-friendly, we have started an affiliate program on Bankera internet banking platform.

Why is this program beneficial?

A few months ago, we launched Bankera partner program. In their essence, partner recommendations are similar to affiliate invites. However, the partner program might look more attractive to people actively involved in affiliate marketing, while the affiliate program is a perfect fit for any Bankera user.


At the moment, affiliate program rewards are fixed and do not depend on the referred user’s financial operations. You will get 100 EUR for every referred high-risk business client that opens an account at Bankera.

How to participate in the affiliate program?

Share your affiliate link. On your Bankera account, click on your Profile and open the “Invite friends” section. Copy the unique referral link and send it to your referee or share it via social media.


Wait for the referee to open their account. The referred business must open their account in three months after the link was shared. If they fail to do so, the rewards will not be allocated.


Get rewarded. Upon successful business account opening, the referral commission of 100 EUR will be paid to your Bankera account.


Keep in mind that to qualify for the rewards, the referred users must open their account using your unique affiliate link. Before participating in the affiliate program, please familiarize yourself with the Referral Program Terms & Conditions.


Do you know any business that might be interested in our services? Log in to your Bankera account and recommend our services today!



3 January, 2021

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