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Use Bankera Mobile App as a Second Factor Authenticator

Use Bankera's mobile app as a second factor authenticator to log into your Bankera account and confirm payments.

Since the launch, we have offered SMS text messages to our clients as a second factor authenticator. Now you can also opt to use Bankera's app on your mobile device as a second factor authentication.    


What is a second factor authentication?


More than just using a password is needed to protect your online accounts, so many providers are asking to use a second factor when trying to log in to an account or conduct other actions. This practice is especially common for financial service providers.


Furthermore, European financial service providers are required to ensure strong customer authentication (SCA). In general, it means regulation requires to authenticate clients by at least two different methods having these properties:


  • Something the client knows, i.e. password or PIN code
  • Something the client has, i.e. mobile device
  • Something the client is, i.e. biometrics (face, fingerprint)


How to choose the Bankera app as a second factor authentication?


Open Bankera app settings by either clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of Bankera app and selecting the "Settings" option or by clicking "Profile" in the bottom menu. Next, scroll down and choose "Second-factor authentication" under the "Security" section. Next, select "Bankera app" as a "Second-factor authentication method". You will be asked to confirm this change by entering a one-time authentication code sent by text message. Afterwards, you will be ready to use your mobile app to confirm logins and payments.


Do you still need to get a Bankera's mobile app? Download it from the App Store for your iOS device here or the Google Play Store for your Android device here.


If you have questions about setting up Bankera's mobile app as a second-factor authentication, do not hesitate to contact our live support.

12 December, 2022

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