ICO Date Announcement

As you already know, we finalized Bankera’s pre-ICO a month ago by reaching our set hardcap of 25 million Euros. We want to, once again, thank all 16 000+ of you who have participated in our pre-ICO token sale.

Since then, we have been working hard on product development and have added new services, including issuance of IBANs and cryptocurrency-powered debit cards, to our MVP – SpectroCoin. We believe that all of this shows that we are not just smoke and mirrors, but that we are delivering on our promises to investors. Thus, as promised, we would like to announce that Bankera will be launching its long-awaited ICO token sale on the 27th of November.

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Bankera’s Q&A

Hello, dear Bankera friends! This week has been an exciting one for us as we have finally published the long-awaited Q&A video where our VP for Communication Tse-Hsin Lu is answering your most frequently asked questions regarding our project. For your convenience, we have prepared English, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Chinese subtitles for the video and we will work on being able to offer a wider language selection for our worldwide investors.

Q&A with Bankera's VP for Communication Tse-Hsin Lu

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The first week’s net transactional revenue share has been paid

Yesterday (5th of September, 2017) Bankera has paid its first net transaction revenue share to Bankera token holders. As it is the first week and due to high demand we had technical issues with SpectroCoin at the start of pre-ICO, we have decided to share 100% of net transactional revenues of SpectroCoin to Bankera token holders, instead of the usual 20%.

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Updated Bankera’s Initial Coin Offering Scheme

Bankera’s ICO is getting more and more traction every single day. After community feedback, we have decided to slightly modify our ICO structure. First, due to high interest we will issue 10% of whole token supply during the pre-ICO. We have also introduced a HARDCAP of 25M EUR for the pre-ICO. During ICO we will issue 30% of tokens.

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