Expert in financial regulation has joined Bankera’s advisory board

We are happy to announce that Darius Kulikauskas, an expert in financial regulation, has joined Bankera as our Advisor. In his early career, Darius became the youngest person to fill the position of Head of the Macroprudential Analysis Division and later on of Head of the Macroprudential Policy Division at the Central Bank of Lithuania. Now, the knowledge Darius has accumulated in traditional banking will be adapted to FinTech and digital banking with the Blockchain technology.

Darius Kulikauskas joins Bankera as an Advisor
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Meet the Team #3 – Paulius Slivinskas

Blockchain is redefining many fields and Design is one of them – designers have to think bigger, face steep learning curves and fill blank pages with creative ideas. This helps people to understand complex technologies and it highlights the benefits of the new FinTech Era.

In this “Meet the Team” interview, we talk to Paulius Slivinskas, Head of Design at Bankera and SpectroCoin, about his role leading the Design and UX/UI teams, and developing ideas into working, functional and user-friendly environments.

Meet the team with Paulius Slivinskas - Head of Design
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