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Bankera has already donated more than 34,792 euros on behalf of its clients to support Ukraine

Back in spring, after russia started its war against Ukraine, we decided to launch the “Let’s support Ukraine” campaign to donate a part of our revenue to Ukraine.

We donate 0.05 euros per each SEPA Instant sent or received transaction via an account at Bankera and 1% from each payment made with Bankera business cards.


As a result of our customers using Bankera services, we have already donated 34,792.72 euros to various organisations supporting Ukraine‘s resistance against russia’s invasion. The donated amounts split by each month are:



Organisations we support are mainly buying equipment for Ukraine’s Armed Forces and its components, such as Territorial Defence Forces to increase their efficiency and save as many soldiers’ lives as possible. For example, Locked N Loaded mainly buys various drones for the Ukrainian military.


How can you support Ukraine?


First, use the Bankera account for personal or business use for instant euro payments within the Single European Payment Area, i.e. SEPA Instant payments, as we donate 0.05 euros for each SEPA Instant payment sent or received. Considering that for most individual customers, SEPA transfers are free, this is a great way to support Ukraine without additional costs.


Second, by using Bankera business cards for payments, we will donate 1% of the amount spent. This 1% comes from the interchange fee received by Bankera. You can read more about how interchange works in our previous blog post here. For example, if you are spending 1,000 EUR via your business card, even 10 EUR will be donated to Ukraine. So, by just using Bankera’s business card for your corporate expenses, you can contribute to Ukraine’s resistance without any additional costs.


Also, you can invite your friends to start using Bankera services for personal and business use and so contribute to even higher donations towards Ukraine’s resistance.


If you have any questions about the “Let’s support Ukraine” campaign or ideas on how we can raise more awareness about it, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected].

12 December, 2022

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