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Take Part in Bankera Partner Program

We have launched the Bankera internet banking platform in early 2020, and have been doing our best to grow our customer base – attract new clients and make sure that the current customers are satisfied with our services – ever since. We believe that happy customers are the best form of marketing, and word of mouth can be as powerful as any other form of advertisement. To encourage this practice among our clients, we are introducing the Bankera partner program.

How does the partnership program work?

The concept of Bankera partner program is simple. We encourage every follower of our project – from individuals to corporate entities – to participate in this program and invite high-risk businesses to join Bankera.


Regardless if you have broad exposure to high-risk entities who might be interested in Bankera's services and make a living out of it or are simply looking for additional income, we invite you to take part in the program. Participation is free and can provide generous returns.


To enrol on the program, follow these simple steps:

Contact our team. Tell us that you would like to join the partner program. You can do this by writing an email to [email protected] or by dropping a message to one of our social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Get a referral link. Sign the Affiliate Partnership program agreement and get a unique referral code that you will be able to share with your friends or colleagues. Only the clients who register via your referral code will be considered as your referees.

Claim your rewards. After your referees open a corporate account at Bankera and make some operations here, you will be entitled to a 20% commission from all transaction fees they generate on the platform for 12 months. 

Please note that the commissions are paid from the fees generated by customers eligible for Business+ or Crypto Exchange pricing plans.

What businesses should I invite?

Bankera is a perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that are operating in less conventional industries. For example, we can offer convenient services for businesses operating online, working with e-commerce, affiliates, gambling, foreign exchange trading. Having operated in the blockchain industry for several years, we can also provide a tailor-made solution for cryptocurrency businesses.


Bankera will not reward its partners for inviting clients from low-risk industries, as well as sectors that Bankera does not serve. These sectors are pointed out in the list of prohibited industries.


Are you ready to participate in Bankera partner program? Contact us and start your affiliate journey today!

8 October, 2020

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