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Month in Review: December

The last month of 2020 was an important one for Bankera, mainly because we fulfilled one of our long-term goals – started issuing Visa debit cards to Bankera’s personal clients. It was a massive milestone for us.

What has been done in December?

First of all, we have launched Bankera Visa debit cards. Our customers from the European Economic Area countries can already order physical and virtual cards via Bankera internet banking platform.


Moreover, Bankera bug bounty program, designed to improve the security of Bankera, was revealed. If a user finds a potential security vulnerability in Bankera wallet and reports it to our team, they can receive generous rewards.


We have also introduced Bankera’s referral links and affiliate program. The program allows you to earn 100 EUR for each introduced business client that falls under the Business+ plan.

What to expect in January?

International Euro wire transfers are expected to be live in January. It means that Bankera clients will be able to send and receive money not only within SEPA (Single European Payment Area) but also to other countries around the globe.


We are also going to start offering Bankera business cards. Initially, corporate cards will be issued for a limited number of clients only. Therefore, if you are interested, please contact us directly.


Furthermore, we will be finalizing the support for SEPA Instant, releasing more multi-currency payment options, and continuing our work on Bankera mobile app.


Our team is also working on our Know Your Customer (KYC) improvements to make the customer verification process more efficient and reduce the waiting time for new clients.


On the SpectroCoin side, we expect to add fiat currencies to SpectroCoin Exchange next month. We will also be working on SpectroCoin Exchange user interface improvements.

5 January, 2021

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