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What to Expect in 2021?

2020 was a significant year for Bankera. We have achieved some key milestones, such as launching Bankera wallet, becoming issuers of Visa cards, and offering business loans. However, this is just the beginning. The strong foundation we have now will allow us to speed-up the release of new functionalities in 2021.

There are several things in our pipeline. Some are already in development or even the final stage, while others are still in the planning phase.

What to expect from Bankera?

Our Electronic Money Institution license holder (UAB “Pervesk”) is becoming a SEPA Instant scheme participant. Thus, Bankera clients will be able to send and receive payments between European banks and other financial institutions who are participants of SEPA Instant scheme in seconds. This improvement would offer an enormous time-saving opportunity for our clients.


We are also working on several SWIFT (international wire) payment options both in EUR and other currencies. As a result, in early 2021, Bankera clients will have more functionality to make payments outside of Europe in Euros and other currencies such as USD, GBP, CHF and others. In the second half of 2021, we expect to start supporting SEPA direct debit payments for Bankera IBAN accounts.


This year, we have built an infrastructure to issue cards, and have recently started offering Visa debit cards to consumers. Next year, we will launch business cards and work on additional card functionalities, such as the ability to use Apple and Google Pay.


In addition to our business loans solution, we plan to offer factoring and consumer loans services shortly. This would be a significant step to the full banking service that would help us build our loans portfolio.


From the technical side, we are planning to offer an application programming interface (API) for Bankera services by the middle of 2021. API would allow our customers to access Bankera wallet and process payments via an easy integration.


Finally, we expect to release Bankera mobile wallet application for iOS and Android devices in the first quarter of 2021. 

What to expect from SpectroCoin?

In 2020, we have merged all crypto-related products (loans, exchange, brokerage) under one brand – SpectroCoin. Our team is working on a number of improvements for the platform that will be released in the upcoming year.


Firstly, we are planning to improve SpectroCoin verification process. In 2021, we will introduce a tiered Know Your Customer (KYC) process that will allow new customers to access SpectroCoin services much more comfortable and quicker. 


Secondly, we will add more cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens to the SpectroCoin ecosystem and offer new international payment options at SpectroCoin. Due to developments at Bankera, SpectroCoin virtual IBAN users will also be able to send or receive SEPA Instant payments and have more international payment options available.


Thirdly, we are planning to offer crypto deposits and staking products for SpectroCoin users.


In terms of SpectroCoin Exchange, we have many new features planned for the upcoming year. Our team will introduce fiat trading pairs, margin trading feature, and stop-order support to the platform.


Lastly, we are aiming to finally release our stablecoin next year.

31 December, 2020

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