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Introducing Bankera’s Account API

Automate your payments flow and integrate most of Bankera's solutions into your infrastructure via Bankera’s Account API.

Bankera’s Account API (application programming interface) is accessible for both business and individual clients, given that the latter use the account for professional activity (for example, sole traders). 


What can be done with Bankera’s Account API?


The current scope of Bankera’s Account API includes the following:

  • Create and process payments (SEPA, SWIFT, between own accounts or internal)
  • Schedule one-off payments or standing orders
  • Process mass payment by importing batch files (ISO20022 XMLs)
  • Exchange between different currencies
  • View account and payments information

You can access the full Bankera’s Account API documentation here.


How to get access to Bankera’s Account API?


Soon you will be able to create and manage API keys via Bankera’s internet banking self-service. However, in the meantime, please write us a message via internet banking requesting to issue API keys.


If you have any questions or require additional scope(s) for the API, do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk. Soon, we will introduce Banking-as-a-Service API (BaaS) for more advanced integrations. Feel free to contact us to learn more about it as well.

8 December, 2022

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