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Bankera Month in Review: August

August was a busy month for Bankera regarding compliance for new payment options, while it was also a month of the key releases for SpectroCoin.

What has been done in August?

On the Bankera side, we have released the user account setting interface. As a result, it is easier to get your account fully verified to use Bankera services without any limits. Also, we have released minor improvements for Bankera loans service.


On the non-tech side, most of the legal team's efforts were spent for numerous compliance risk-assessment tasks required to have approvals for various payment functionality including cards and instant payments.


Also, we have finally received Bankera payment cards for the final checks before the production. You can see a picture of our team member testing its appearance in real-life situations below.

Bankera's team member holding Bankera's card


It also was a big month for SpectroCoin. We have finally released our new design, on which we have been working for two years as this update includes not only the new appearance but also the up to date front-end infrastructure which will give us more flexibility in the future.


Most importantly, we have integrated the crypto-loans product into SpectroCoin, to have all crypto-related services under one brand name, which will have synergy effects for marketing. From now SpectroCoin users can easily take a crypto-backed loan.

What to expect in September?

On the Bankera side, we are continuing to work on developing the IT part required to offer Bankera cards to our clients. In parallel, we are working on developing SEPA instant functionality for instant payments within the Single European Payment Area.


We are going to release renewed virtual IBANs functionality at SpectroCoin for a better link between fiat and crypto worlds. At the time of writing this review, virtual IBANs are already released in stealth mode, and our team is finalizing testing virtual IBANs in SpectroCoin and the only thing left is the public announcement of the virtual IBAN service.


After the integration of crypto-backed loans into SpectroCoin, we are now working on the integration and rebranding of Bankera exchange into SpectroCoin to finalise the shift of brands and offer trading feasibility for crypto traders.


Finally, we are going to enable additional pairs for exchange in SpectroCoin. Especially crypto-fiat ones to unleash more potential of SpectroCoin infrastructure and provide more flexibility for our users to buy and sell supported cryptocurrencies with fiat.

17 September, 2020

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