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Support Ukraine by Using Bankera Services

It has been almost a month now since Russia started its invasion of Ukraine. Many innocent people are forced to flee their homes, some even lose their lives in horrific attacks that are happening every day since. Now Ukrainians need help more than ever – that is why Bankera is launching the "Let's Support Ukraine" campaign.

From now on, you can support Ukrainians by simply using Bankera services. For at least six months, we will be donating 0.05 EUR per every SEPA Instant transaction you make or receive. SEPA Instant transactions are payments that are executed 24/7 and are received instantly via the “SEPA Instant“ payment system. In addition to this, we will also be donating 1% of the turnover from the payments made using Bankera Business cards.


All donations will be made to the Blue/Yellow, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), which has been raising funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine since 2014. These donations will be made monthly and include the funds gathered during the previous month, e.g. donations for the whole of March will be made in April and so on.


It is important to note that the amounts mentioned above will not be deducted from your transactions. In other words, this support campaign will not bear any additional costs for the clients of Bankera.


We would also like to note that besides this campaign, on February 28th we have released the Bankera app for iOS and Android earlier than initially planned to make Bankera services easily accessible for Ukrainian refugees. In addition to that, most Bankera services for Ukrainians are now provided for free, including free ATM cash withdrawals up to €300/month. Our team is also working on launching Ukrainian language support on our platform to make it even more hospitable to the Ukrainian community.


If you would like to support Ukraine individually, you can do so by donating to the Blue/Yellow organisation directly using the following account details:


Recipient: VšĮ „Mėlyna ir Geltona“

Recipient's account number: LT483550020000014662

Recipient's financial institution: UAB „Pervesk“


Rules of the "Let's Support Ukraine" campaign can be found here.

21 March, 2022

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