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Visa Business Debit Cards Now Available at Bankera

Bankera is a modern bank alternative for companies in the digital business, a sector often underserved by traditional financial institutions. One of our primary goals is to provide convenient services, including multicurrency IBAN accounts, access to SWIFT and SEPA Instant transfers, and payment instruments, to companies operating in this sector. Already offering payment cards to our personal customers, we are now happy to release a similar solution for the corporate client base.

Corporate cards – a tool to facilitate company spending

Bank transfers are still the most common method of transferring money amongst businesses, yet not the most convenient one in every case. The comparably lengthy process of initiating a payment might look a bit excessive for daily purchases, and thus most businesses turn to a faster method – a corporate card.


Several business transactions, such as purchasing digital advertising on Facebook or Google Ads, as well as paying for various digital services, including hosting and SSL certificates, are made on websites that only accept payment cards as a payment method. By having a corporate debit card, businesses can gain access to a much wider array of goods and services.


Business cards are also a great way of improving the company’s expense management, as they can be issued to multiple employees or company departments. By having multiple cards, company representatives can track the expenses of each department, set spending limits, and make any necessary decisions in improving the budget allocation.

Bankera corporate debit card solution

The corporate card solution at Bankera is issued by Visa and available in both physical and virtual forms. Bankera corporate debit cards support online and contactless payments – clients can use them for business purchases online, as well as at physical shops.


For your convenience, we can offer several cards for each corporate account. In this way, we ensure that even companies of substantial sizes can issue a sufficient number of cards to their employees.


Just as our personal cards, the corporate solution is subject to free shipping and delivery by mail. The standard daily limits of 2,000 EUR for ATM withdrawals and 5,000 EUR worth of payments are set on the card, however, these are not set in stone. If a customer needs to make a larger payment with their card, we can raise these limits to fit the customer’s needs. 


The full corporate card pricing and limits schedule is available on the business card pricing page.


If you are already using our services as a business client, you can order the new card in the “Cards'' section of your Bankera internet banking account. If card ordering feature is not visible, please contact our support team via [email protected] or the LiveChat feature on our website.


If you are new to Bankera, you can set up an account for your business at any time.

18 March, 2021

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