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Payments’ Import and Bulk Payments

Need to make a bunch of payments at once? Now you can do it at Bankera by importing payments file via internet banking.

Bankera’s internet banking supports the import of XML files following ISO20022 format. SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT), SEPA Instant (SCT Inst) and internal payments are supported.


How to process bulk payments in Bankera?


Import your XML payments file by selecting “Payments” and ”Payment import” in internet banking’s top menu. Next, click the “Import file” button in the top right corner. Once your file is imported and validated, you can process your payments in one go.


However, you can also automate your payment flow using Bankera’s Account API. Read more about it in another blog post here.


Please get in touch with our helpdesk if you have any questions about payments’ import functionality or other Bankera services.

12 December, 2022

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