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Month in Review: February and March

During the last month, we have introduced fiat currencies to SpectroCoin Pro exchange, significantly expanded our payment functionality for both Bankera and SpectroCoin, and released Business Visa cards to corporate clients.

As our releases tend to cluster around similar dates, this review will cover both February and March.

What has been done in February and March so far?

First of all, we have enabled fiat trading pairs on the SpectroCoin Pro exchange. We added EUR, USD, and GBP pairs and enabled easy transferring of funds between SpectroCoin and SpectroCoin Pro.


Furthermore, we have introduced one of the most competitive trading fee structures at SpectroCoin Pro exchange. You can earn up to a 0.1% market maker rebate if you contribute to the order book by creating orders. The taker fee is only 0.1% for all pairs except the ones that contain Banker (BNK) token, for which trading is free. You can find the fee schedule here.


Secondly, we have redone the deposit flow at SpectroCoin. It is now much easier for our customers to see all the possible deposit options and choose what suits them best.


Thirdly, we have waived deposit and withdrawal fees from European banks (SEPA), which are instant at SpectroCoin. Now, you can deposit and withdraw Euros at SpectroCoin for free.


On Bankera’s side, we have successfully released Visa Business cards for our corporate clients. From now on, the business customer base can enjoy high-limit physical and virtual payment cards, which they can use to pay for their corporate expenses, such as marketing, hosting, payments for goods, etc., as well as issue cards to their employees. You can read more about Bankera business cards here.


Also, we have released the messaging module at Bankera internet banking, so now our clients can contact us regarding limits, payments, compliance, and other reasons over internet banking, without the need to use their email accounts.

What to expect in April?

We are negotiating with external market makers to provide liquidity for several pairs at SpectroCoin Pro exchange, and we hope to reach the agreement by April. You can now take an opportunity to earn rewards by being a market maker and getting up to a 0.1% rebate for placing orders.


Most importantly, we are starting to integrate Bankera cards to SpectroCoin to offer low-fee plastic and virtual cards with potential benefits for Bankera token (BNK) holders who stake BNK tokens at SpectroCoin.


We are also working on improving the BNK token, such as adding it to decentralized exchanges (DEXs). From the utility side, we are also planning on introducing staking and cashback features once the new cards are live. The token burning initiative is also being considered.


Also, we will release Advcash deposit and withdrawal options at SpectroCoin.



Furthermore, we are already testing the Bankera mobile app internally, and we hope that April will be the month to make it available to Bankera customers.

26 March, 2021

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