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Бізнес-рахунки з підтримкою криптовалют в Bankera

Bankera розвиває альтернативу банківському рахунку для сучасного бізнесу, включно з онлайн магазинами і фінтех-компаніями. Почавши свій шлях у сфері фінтех ще в 2013 році з крипто-біржі SpectroCoin, однією з наших основних бізнес-цілей є полегшення операцій для схожих компаній – криптоброкерів, бірж, біткоїн майнінг ферм тощо.

Якщо ви шукаєте фінансову послугу, яка допоможе вашому криптовалютному бізнесу, не шукайте далі. Завдяки нашому практичному досвіду у цьому секторі та партнерству з Visa та іншими великими платіжними мережами, ми можемо запропонувати унікальні послуги для вашої компанії.

Рішення від фахівців у сфері криптовалют

As our first product SpectroCoin expanded along the years, we introduced several fiat-related services, such as debit cards and virtual IBAN accounts. However, as these services were dependent on third-party providers, we encountered numerous issues. Gradually, we decided to eliminate any possible third parties and develop our own in-house solution, and that’s how Bankera was born.


At the moment, corporate clients of Bankera can take advantage of the services mentioned below.


European IBAN account – if you open an account for your cryptocurrency business at Bankera, you will get a dedicated IBAN. Your IBAN account can be used to hold company and clients’ funds, as well as for making and receiving payments.

For companies looking for setting up a company in a new jurisdiction, we can also offer a separate account for share capital contribution. If required, our team can also provide a statement verifying your share capital holdings.


Instant and multicurrency payments – at Bankera, corporate users have access to two major payment networks – SEPA for Euro transfers within the European Economic Area (EEA), and SWIFT for global payments in various currencies. Our platform also supports SEPA Instant credit transfers that allow transferring money between European financial institutions in a matter of seconds.


Corporate cards Visa business debit cards are the most recent addition to our service selection. As a corporate client, you can get as many cards as needed, use them for paying company expenses or issue cards to your employees. Bankera cards have no hard limits and can be tailored to your operational needs.


Business loans – Bankera corporate loans solution offers businesses from around the world the possibility to take a loan for invoice financing, business growth, or moving their operations online. Last year, the project was declared the winner in the Finance category of the “EU vs Virus” hackathon, hosted by the European Commission.


Payment processing – for business entities registered in the EEA, we can provide the infrastructure for accepting card payments on their websites, as well as at physical shops.

How to open an account for my crypto business?

If you are interested in opening a business account at Bankera, fill in the business account application form. For any further questions, feel free to contact our live support agents who are ready to help with any ins and outs of our business account service.


Bankera’s clients from the cryptocurrency sector are subject to the “Crypto Exchange” pricing plan. Full pricing information can be found on our pricing page.

1 квітень, 2021

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