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Month in Review: September 2021

During the last month, we have introduced extra liquidity on SpectroCoin Pro exchange. It was also a month when we started our autumn tour visiting various conferences to promote Bankera and SpectroCoin services.

What has been done in September so far?

Most importantly, we have enabled additional liquidity for the major pairs on the SpectroCoin Pro exchange, including BTC/EUR, ETH/EUR, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT. What is more, ALGO, EOS, MATIC, and SHIB currencies were listed on SpectroCoin Pro, while their pairs with ETH, BTC, USDT, EUR were enabled for trading. In addition to up to 0.1% market maker rebate, fiat (SEPA/SWIFT) deposit and withdrawal methods, it makes SpectroCoin Pro a lovely venue for crypto trading.


SpectroCoin wallet view has been upgraded to offer an overview of the whole portfolio owned by the user. That is an additional step towards further improving the user experience on the platform.


For the SpectroCoin crypto payment gateway, we have enabled support of ETH and various ERC-20 tokens, including USDT (Tether), USDC (USD Coin) and BNK (Banker token). Also, we have improved our Ethereum node to support an increased volume of transactions due to this development.


Also, now Bankera business clients can pay their onboarding fee with BNK tokens with a discount of 25%, which is another utility of the BNK token.


Furthermore, client onboarding procedures have been improved to shorten client verification time at SpectroCoin by automating a part of the KYC process.


As live meetings and events are coming back, we have taken part in two conferences in Amsterdam: Money 20/20 and iGB Live.


We have organized a Bitcoin Meetup in Vilnius where local cryptocurrency enthusiasts could listen about new developments in the crypto space, such as Schnorr signatures or crypto-focused hedge funds. More than 200 people have attended this meetup.

What to expect in October?

In October, our team plans to attend several events to promote Bankera services, including iFX Expo in Cyprus, Whitelabel Expo in Frankfurt, Riga COMM in Riga, and Cryptovalley conference in Zug.


Our own Baltic AML forum 2021 is happening on October 12th. The conference will provide a great medium to exchange best practices regarding anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, such as ideas on how different stakeholders can collaborate to achieve mutual AML/CTF goals efficiently and effectively.


Also, we are working on core IT improvements within Bankera, including a new authentication solution that will enable easy access to APIs and enable second-factor authentication via the Bankera app. The latter function will make our mobile app ready for the public. Payment import for mass payments, multi-language support on the internet banking platform, and other features are also in the line.


On the SpectroCoin side, we are improving the SpectroCoin Pro exchange user interface and expect it to be live in October. We are also working on new card integration to the SpectroCoin platform to offer even better physical and virtual cards in the next quarter.

4 October, 2021

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