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Month in Review: January

In the first month of 2021, we focused our development resources on payment functionalities, and have successfully expanded the payment options available at both Bankera and SpectroCoin. Let’s look at each of these developments and discuss what comes next for our projects in February.

What has been done in January?

Firstly, we have launched the support for SEPA Instant payments at Bankera. From now on, paying and receiving money to/from accounts in other financial institutions that support SEPA Instant will only take a few seconds. Additionally, international SWIFT payments in EUR are now available for Bankera clients.


SEPA Instant feature has also been enabled at SpectroCoin where you can make instant deposits and withdrawals. The feature is available for virtual IBANs as well.


Furthermore, SpectroCoin deposit options have been rearranged – you can now see all available top-up options in one place. On top of that, we have added GBP deposit options via Faster Payments and international bank wire to SpectroCoin.


Our Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure has been improved. Now, clients facing video verification issues on their browsers can download the KYC app and continue verification on their mobile phones.


We have also issued the first Bankera business cards over the counter. We expect this feature to be live on our internet banking platform within a couple of months. If you are interested in corporate cards, we recommend contacting us directly.

What to expect in February?

We expect to add messaging functionality to Bankera internet banking by late February or early March. The new feature would allow easier communication regarding your account, transactions, and security settings.


Additionally, Bankera’s mobile app for Android is already in the testing stage. Our team hopes to make it publicly available very soon.


Next, we will add fiat currencies (EUR, USD, GBP) to SpectroCoin Exchange platform. Along with the fiat currency addition, our team will also increase the exchange’s order book depth to offer much more liquidity.


Our team is also continuing to work on new payment options, Bankera business cards, and some compliance-related issues, such as updating the profile information for clients who have been using our services for an extensive period of time.

15 February, 2021

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