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How to Enable and Disable Bankera Card Features?

With Bankera Visa debit card, you can pay for goods and services, withdraw cash, and use other available features for everyday financial operations. However, you might not want your card to support every single one of these features. In today’s blog post, we will present you the ways to customize your card by enabling or disabling specific card security options.

How to customize card security features?

You can manage your Bankera physical and virtual cards on Bankera internet banking platform. Log in to your account, go to the “Cards” section, and click on the card you would like to customize – a new menu will pop up. Press “Card security features” and you will be able to enable/disable three main card features: contactless payments, cashout, and online transactions.


Now, let’s delve deeper into each of these options.

Contactless payments

Bankera debit cards support both contactless and traditional chip-and-PIN payments. Contactless payments are more convenient and do not require entering the PIN code during each purchase, even though PIN codes add some additional security.


Contactless payments feature is enabled for Bankera cards as a default option. However, you are required to make your first card payment by entering your PIN to verify card ownership.


When enabled, the cashout feature allows cash withdrawals at local ATMs. Although access to cash is essential to a portion of Bankera card users, if you have fully moved to digital payments and do not use cash in your everyday life, you can turn off the cashout feature for your convenience.


Cashout is enabled for Bankera cards as a default option. To disable this feature, press on the toggle switch next to it in the “Card security features” menu.

Online transactions

Bankera cards have the 3D Secure feature that Visa designed to minimize the risk of potential fraud while shopping online. Thus, Bankera debit card is a convenient and safe option for making purchases in online points of sale.


If you plan to pay for any goods or services on the web, online transactions must be enabled on your Bankera card. This feature is disabled as a default option, so you must turn it on manually.


If you have any questions on Bankera card features and how they work, please contact our team on social media or chat with our support agents via LiveChat, available on our website.

5 February, 2021

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