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Card issuing

Card issuing is another addition to our growing selection of Banking-as-a-Service solutions enabling businesses to integrate fintech solutions into their offerings easily.

Being able to issue cards for clients is a must-have for many financial businesses such as banks, payments and electronic money institutions or cryptocurrency exchanges. Even non-financial companies are increasingly issuing payment cards to their clients, for example, as a part of the loyalty program.


Issuing cards is also essential given that payment card adoption is growing despite that the number of alternative payment methods is increasing or that bank wire payments are now instant in many countries. Open banking makes it even easier to use them for merchant payments. Card networks such as Visa and Mastercard still play a significant role in providing rails (infrastructure) for payments both online (then a card is not present) and offline (contactless payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay).


Hence, relying on our infrastructure, Bankera’s card issuing solution enables you to plug into payment card networks such as Visa or Mastercard. This means lower costs and faster time to go live (months instead of years when building everything from scratch).


What are the benefits of using Bankera for card issuing?


Being a principal member of Visa and Mastercard allows us to offer the most flexible card issuing solutions. You can issue virtual or plastic cards to your clients and custom products such as disposable cards for one-off payments.


Next, you will have complete flexibility on your card design, including material (for example, if you want metallic cards). However, if you want to go to the market extremely fast, we can always offer generic cards.


Our RESTful API for card issuing and technical support team ensures a lightweight and straightforward integration process. 


Benefit from up-to-date technologies such as card tokenisation to enable the best user experiences, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.


As when talking about financial technology, there is no one-size fits all solution. Our IT team can offer tailor-made solutions, such as adding additional scopes to our APIs to meet all your business needs.


Is your IT infrastructure already connected, or do you want to connect to the processing centre directly? We also offer Bank Identification Number (BIN) sponsorship. Contact us to learn more about it.


Interested? Contact our sales team via [email protected] to learn more about our card issuing solution and get access to our Cards API.

12 December, 2022

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