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Bankera Business Accounts Are Live

We started Bankera as we saw an opportunity to serve digital businesses with their payment needs — legacy banks are not always ready to welcome such companies due to the difficulties coping with fast-changing digital business models. Now, we have started opening accounts for business clients to offer them SEPA and SWIFT payments. Open your account here.

Focus on Digital Businesses

While at Bankera we are open for most types of business clients, we are primarily looking for digital businesses operating in industries such as eCommerce, hosting, IT, cryptocurrency, online gaming, VOIP, trading, affiliates, consulting, and others. Also, we understand that businesses differ in their scale, age or experiences. Our onboarding specialists take an extra step to get the full understanding of a particular case to offer the most suitable solution.


As we have a background in building innovative online businesses, we have experienced the key challenges of finding stable banking partners to build a relationship with. Hence, we are building a one-stop-shop for digital business payment needs, so that the companies could focus their efforts on growing the business instead of continuously looking for new payment providers.

Competitive Offer

As we are building business to scale and looking to build long-term relationships with our clients, we are offering competitive pricing, especially for our key focus industries.

Types of business accounts: Business, Business+, Crypto Business

Our pricing consists of three segments: Business, Business+ and Crypto business. Most of the business clients will fall under the Business segment, which includes businesses from the European Economic Area (EEA) and operating in traditional sectors. Second, the Business+ pricing is offered for high-risk industries and companies outside of EEA. Lastly, as crypto businesses have their specifics and risks, we have a different pricing structure for them.


Currently, our offering covers payment account application, maintenance, and SEPA transfer fees, but as we are already enrolling SWIFT payments and payment processing for some clients, the pricing of new products follows a similar pattern.


Open your Bankera Business Account here.

What’s Next?

Next, we are going to enable SWIFT and multi-currency payments for most of our Business clients and concentrate on payment processing solutions. Due to our focus on internet businesses, payment processing will be one of our key offerings. Bankera’s payment gateway will include credit and debit card processing (we are already granting selected business clients an early access to test it), bank payments, such as wire transfers and payment initiation solutions, as well as various alternative payments, such as cash deposits or mobile transfers.


Bankera wallet platform is managed by Era Finance Ltd as an authorized agent of UAB Pervesk, a company holding an Electronic Money Institution License supervised by the Bank of Lithuania.

10 April, 2020

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