Meet the Team #2

Bankera‘s “Meet the Team” series is back with a new interviewee! This time, we want to introduce you the newest addition to our team – Paulina Šliumpaitė, a lawyer focused on compliance and AML. We want you to be involved in the conversation, so you can leave your questions for Paulina in Bankera’s official Reddit until the 12th of August.

Meet the Team

About Paulina

Paulina’s motto – Reasonable regulation is crucial to the development and growth of FinTech. How should we define ‘reasonable’? Instead of limiting ourselves to the ‘either-or’ dilemmas we should see through them. That’s the main point we tend to forget – innovation requires new perspectives.

At Bankera, we believe that knowledge is not determined by age and Paulina is a proof of that. She has just graduated from a TOP 10 UK Law School, at Durham University, with a Qualifying Law Degree. Her LLB dissertation “Locks Keep Out Only the Honest: Preventing the Use of Virtual Currencies for Money Laundering. The Case of Bitcoin” was awarded a first class mark. Before and during her university years, Paulina worked on cases and NGO projects related to microfinance, P2P lending platforms, sharing economy, financial regulation and criminal justice. Her main professional priority is to preserve the integrity of the financial markets without stifling the development of FinTech.

Head to our Reddit and leave your questions about Compliance and AML Policies for Paulina. We will select several of them and you will find the answers on our second ‘Meet the Team – Paulina Šliumpaitė’ post, to be published next week!