Bankera Trading Contest

We want to involve all of our supporters in developing our product and achieving the best user experience, so together with the launch of Bankera’s exchange demo testing phase, we are announcing a contest with BIG prizes!

What is the contest about?

Bankera wants to involve its community in the development process of its products. Hence, we want you to try the demo version of Bankera’s exchange platform by trading the play coins and letting us know about any bugs via Bankera’s chat or via email [email protected]

What is the goal of the contest?

Currently, there are 6 fictional coins on the exchange: TestCoin (TST), PlayCoin (PLY), Playcoin2 (PIL), AltCoin (ALT), TryCoin (TRY), WinCoin (WIN). At the start, you will receive 100 units of each coin into your account balance. Your goal is to obtain as much WinCoin (WIN) andtokens as you can! To do that buy/sell these coins on the exchange and use market fluctuations.

How to participate in the contest?

Sign up and login to

How long does the contest last?

Contest starts on November 24th and ends on December 30th!

What are the prizes?

TOP10 users to have most WinCoin (WIN) at the end of the contest will receive bitcoin prizes to their SpectroCoin wallets:

1st place: 0.5 BTC

2nd place: 0.3 BTC

3rd place: 0.2 BTC

4th place: 0.15 BTC

5th place: 0.1 BTC

6th-10th place: 0.05 BTC

Also, a top holder of one additional coin will receive 0.5 BTC! This coin X is randomly selected from TST, PLY, PIL, ALT or TRY and its encrypted hash is:


The hash will be decrypted and a randomly selected token will be revealed at the end of the contest.

Head to the, trade the coins, report the bugs and win huge prizes!