A Short History of Ethereum Updates

The anticipated Ethereum Constantinople hard fork update will come into effect on the 28th of February this year once the block number 7,280,000 is reached on the Ethereum blockchain. We have already given you a glance on what to expect from the new upgrade in our previous blog post, but now we would like to take a closer look at the development of the Ethereum project, presenting both its past and future updates.

A overview of Ethereum updates

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Why is the BNK token unique?

As a team, we always choose security and quality results over rushed decisions. Supporting BNKs as ERC20 tokens has always been our goal, however, we decided to dedicate more time to it and release a more advanced version of the Ethereum based smart contract. This more advanced and secure version was required because of one of our token special features: its holders receive a weekly net transactional revenue share. Hence, the smart contract source code includes the function of storing weekly commission. However, that is just one of the several reasons why BNK tokens are special among others in the market. So let’s take a closer look at BNK tokens and what makes them unique.

Why is the BNK token unique?

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