Meet the Team #2 – Lawyer Paulina Šliumpaitė

Financial regulation is perhaps the most demanding and dynamic field of all. Even more confusion and complexity can be expected when we talk about FinTech. This technology has changed the way we think about financial operations and digital banking but, most importantly, how we perceive trust. Compliance and AML/CFT specialists now play an immensely important role in helping FinTech companies with these new challenges.

In the second interview of Bankera’s “Meet the Team” series, we talk to our lawyer, Paulina Šliumpaitė, about the biggest issues in FinTech regulation, differences in regulatory landscapes, and the importance of AML policies.

Interview with Bankera's Lawyer Paulina Šliumpaitė
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Meet the Team – VP of Business Development Craig Grant

Business Development activities extend across multiple fields, including Marketing, Sales, Project and Product Management, networking, negotiations as well as searching for new partnerships to improve the overall business. It is a challenging job, which requires alignment of different departments in order to achieve goals such as market expansion, new user acquisition and brand awareness. In the first interview of the “Meet the Team” series, Bankera‘s VP of Business Development – Craig Grant – talks about his everyday job and his search for unexplored market opportunities for digital banking.

Interview with Bankera's VP for Business Development Craig Grant
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