Bankera Account Verification Levels Explained

Customer due diligence process is an integral part of any financial service. If you have already opened a personal account at Bankera, you probably have noticed that our service offers three different levels of verification. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the significance of client verification and explain the advantages of having a tiered authentication structure.


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Why Are Your Funds Safe?

During turbulent times, like the ones we are facing now, one of the main concerns for the public is the safety of their funds kept at financial institutions. While the traditional fractional reserve banking concept is familiar for most of the retail users, its alternative, the full-reserve banking model, is less common in practice. Nevertheless, some economists, especially ones from the Austrian school, have endorsed the full-reserve banking system during a crisis. For example, Nobel prize laureate Milton Friedman has advocated that current accounts should follow the full-reserve requirement (Friedman, 1959).

Funds in Bankera are electronic money, and this setup has similarities to the full-reserve banking, which can be an attractive alternative for traditional bank accounts in uncertain times. In this blog post, we would like to delve deeper and explain how this model works.

Why are your funds safe

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Bankera Is Live: Open Your New Bank Account Alternative Today

In 2017 we presented our vision to build a financial institution for the emerging digital economy. Finally, we are excited to announce that our vision moved to the production stage as we have launched the initial version of Bankera internet banking to offer payment accounts with dedicated IBANs and SEPA transfers.  We reveal more about the new product in our blog post.

Bankera wallet

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