Take Part in Bankera Partner Program

We have launched the Bankera internet banking platform in early 2020, and have been doing our best to grow our customer base – attract new clients and make sure that the current customers are satisfied with our services – ever since. We believe that happy customers are the best form of marketing, and word of mouth can be as powerful as any other form of advertisement. To encourage this practice among our clients, we are introducing the Bankera partner program.

Join Bankera partner program and earn commissions from the fees your referees pay on the platform.

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Bankera AML Conference

Next week, the second annual Baltic AML Forum will take place. The conference is organized by Bankera and two other leading Lithuanian companies: financial newspaper Verslo Zinios and a Baltic law firm Ellex. The conference will focus on the latest legal, technological, and practical measures on the prevention of money laundering (AML) applied in the Baltic States and the European Union.

Bankera will host the Baltic AML Forum of 2020.

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Bankera Progress Update

We started Bankera back in 2017 by conducting one of the most successful ICOs globally. The project attracted more than 100,000 contributors who believed in our idea of building a financial service business that would provide financial services to individuals and companies involved in the blockchain ecosystem. In this blog post, we want to give a reflection on what we have achieved since the ICO was over.

Progress of Bankera project

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