Bankera Will Support Ethereum Istanbul and Muir Glacier Upgrades

Ethereum, the most widely used platform for decentralized applications in the world, is continuing its movement to the 2.0 version that will introduce a new blockchain validation model. Shortly, the platform will hold two hard fork updates: Ethereum Istanbul and Ethereum Muir Glacier. As the upgrades are nearing, we would like to cover their effects on the Ethereum blockchain as a whole, as well as their implications for the users of Bankera’s products.

Support for Ethereum Istanbul and Muir Glacier Hard Forks
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Bankera Loans Website Is Now Live

Today, we come bearing good news for our users. Bankera Loans landing page is now live, and the service itself will be launched within the third quarter of this year.

Bankera Loans is already the third product of Bankera’s ecosystem that will open new crypto-asset management possibilities for our community – an opportunity to get crypto-backed loans, or, in other words, borrow money while using crypto-assets as collateral without losing their value. In this blog post, we would like to give you a sneak peek into our upcoming service.

Bankera Loans website is now live

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