Bankera’s Roadmap: Pro-rata Distribution of Unsold Tokens

Since the beginning of Bankera’s project, it was stated in our whitepaper that unsold ICO tokens would be distributed pro-rata to pre-ICO and ICO participants. Now that Bankera’s ICO has ended, we continue to work on the goals that we set out in our roadmap. Thus, the first step taken was the pro-rata distribution of unsold tokens to all 100,902 pre-ICO and ICO participants.

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Bankera’s own exchange: The reason we are making one

In November, we announced that we were developing Bankera’s own cryptocurrency exchange platform, but we did not elaborate on the reasons behind this decision. Bankera‘s team has always been oriented towards building a strong and long-lasting community. While working hand in hand with our community, we were able to better identify the needs of crypto-users. We believe developing our own exchange will address those needs.

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Winners of Bankera’s trading competition announced

On November 25th, we announced that Bankera was going to have its own exchange platform as part of our goal of becoming a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency users. We wanted to work closely with our ICO contributors  to develop a digital currency exchange platform that fits the needs of the crypto community. Thus, we launched a trading competition designed to test our platform. After much anticipation, we are finally revealing the winners for the first round of the contest. These winners will receive over 2 BTC worth of prizes.

Bankera's trading competition winners

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