Exploring New Markets: More Platforms for BNK Trading

While working hard on the new product development to build the bank for the blockchain era, we have been simultaneously focusing our efforts on raising the awareness of Bankera project itself and improving the liquidity of Bankera’s home currency, Banker (BNK). To suit the needs of traders from all around the world, we decided to expand the selection of platforms for BNK trading by offering a couple of new alternatives.

Today, we are pleased to announce that starting this week, BNK will become available on the International Digital Currency Markets (IDCM) cryptocurrency exchange.

BNK will be added to IDCM exchange

How do the listings benefit Bankera?

Although we stick to Bankera’s philosophy and believe that delivering products is the best way to attract higher trading volumes and positive price movements, we also think that listing our token on external trading platforms can provide additional help to achieve this goal.

The aim of Bankera is to list BNK token on platforms that are among the most popular in the market and one of the leaders in terms of the daily trading volume. We believe that BNK has the potential to take a portion of those volumes by offering its market pairs to the traders of the corresponding platforms.

Geographically, the user bases of our partners often differ from the user base of Bankera’s ecosystem. We believe that these differences can prove beneficial for expanding our community.

The new platform: IDCM

The IDCM platform is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, ranked among  the top exchanges in the world by daily trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap.

IDCM project was launched in 2018 by the team of blockchain and finance experts from China. Coming from a country whose companies are actively participating in the blockchain revolution, IDCM has entered the market with their own innovative ideas on how to improve the liquidity and efficiency of the cryptocurrency trading market.

IDCM is a platform that combines the qualities of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Although the users of IDCM have to go through a KYC process, trades within the platform are verified using a consensus mechanism, similar to the one on decentralized exchanges. This way, users can enjoy a secure trading environment with improved speed and efficiency.

To improve the liquidity of the crypto market, IDCM launched the Alliance project. IDCM Alliance is a solution that connects various cryptocurrency exchanges to a shared liquidity pool. In this way, trades can be executed not only within the exchange that users are registered in but also in other exchanges, ensuring that the supply of a certain crypto asset is always enough to suit the needs of the traders.

Why we are listing BNK token on external exchanges

BNK trading information

On the new platform, BNK token will be paired with the most actively traded cryptocurrency in the world – Bitcoin (BTC). The token will be available for trading starting from the 29th of May, 7 AM (UTC). Users can deposit their BNK assets to the platform starting 28th of May, 7 AM (UTC).

If you have further questions regarding BNK trading on IDCM, please contact IDCM support.

Stay tuned for our upcoming updates, where we are going to reveal more details about our new products and the next exchange to support BNK token!