New Platform for BNK Trading: Hanbitco

Around a year ago, we have introduced Banker (BNK) token trading on the first external cryptocurrency exchange – HitBTC. Since then, we have received multiple requests from our contributors to expand the variety of BNK trading alternatives even further. Today, we are happy to announce that Bankera has successfully reached an agreement with a promising South Korea based exchange – Hanbitco, where BNK tokens will be available for trading starting Wednesday,  20th of March near 7 AM (UTC).

BNK token will be listed on Hanbitco

Expanding to a new market

East Asia is a region that accommodates a vast community of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, individual traders, and business companies. It was estimated that every third South Korean had used cryptocurrency of some sort at least once in their lifetime.

Not surprisingly, local governments are keen to incentivize technology growth in various sectors, especially fintech. Numerous projects related to blockchain have already been successfully implemented in China, Singapore, and South Korea: banks are using the technology to increase their service speed, companies are holding ICOs to raise additional funds, while governments are beginning to apply blockchain in the election voting systems.

Recognizing the high potential of the Asian market, we are keen to offer our services and build new relationships with projects located in the area. Thus, after carefully analyzing the market and available exchanges we have decided to list BNK token on the South Korean exchange Hanbitco.

What will the new platform bring?

Opened in March 2018, Hanbitco exchange is still relatively new to the cryptocurrency market. Nevertheless, it is already generating eight-digit daily trading volumes and has a substantial customer base in Asia, where the focus of Hanbitco lies. The platform also places high importance on security, as Hanbitco is one of several Korean trading platforms to have passed self-regulatory inspections initiated by the Korea Blockchain Association in July.

On Hanbitco, BNK tokens will be paired with the very first and most actively traded cryptocurrency – Bitcoin (BTC), making BNK tokens readily available to cryptocurrency traders and community members in the East Asia region.

Our team believes that the listing on Hanbitco exchange is going to prove beneficial for Bankera project and its community as a whole, as well as the BNK token itself. The Korean cryptocurrency market could be regarded as an unexplored one for our project, as only a fraction of Bankera contributors come from South Korea. Thus, we see the potential to grow our popularity in the region.

We believe that making BNK trading more accessible to the East Asian market through Hanbitco will help us expand Bankera’s community even further. Multiple benefits that BNK token can offer, including weekly net transactional revenue share and bonuses within Bankera’s ecosystem, should attract potential new customers and contributors to the project, consequently boosting BNK trading volumes and increasing the token demand.

Please note that for the time being it will not be possible to claim Bankera’s net transactional revenue share to Hanbitco account. The weekly revenue share is credited automatically to users holding their BNKs on SpectroCoin or Bankera Exchange, as well as can be claimed manually by users keeping their BNKs in external Ethereum wallets. If you have further questions regarding BNK trading on Hanbitco platform, please contact Hanbitco support.